Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

I am tired. I think it's the combination of the late nights and biking to and from work everyday. It is only about 2 miles if I bike directly. But, if I bike directly I have a really steep uphill to work. On a blind curve. Of a busy road. So I take an alternate route a little bit out of the way, which probably means I'm biking closer to 3 miles to work. It's the same route home, but a lot more coasting. And yesterday I changed from a borrowed 3-speed cruiser to my 18-speed mountain bike. I didn't realize the change of impact on my body. I'm using muscles that I had never anticipated and am a little sore right now.

I am juicing now. My juicer arrived on Friday and I started juicing Saturday as I finished up the solids in my fridge. I still have non-juiceables in the fridge. I've make toast when I get home from work. And, I've had some candy at work. But, otherwise  fresh fruit/vegetable juice and water. And a chamomile to warm me up. My body is adjusting. Although tonight I was searching online for a Chinese restaurant that delivers. None close enough. So, I had another juice and I feel much better.

Anyway, this song is currently on my mind. Apparently the Pretenders did it first. No matter. I am already dreaming of my bed while sitting on my couch.

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