Saturday, August 4, 2012

Song of the Day: Saturday

My one complaint with SB is the water. I tend not to drink soda, juice or milk. I love water. Not the  plastic stuff from the store. I want to be able to drink crisp, clear well water. In a pinch I will drink tap water. But not here.

The water tastes horrid. Even after filtering through a Brita, it is horrible; I tried it. I even let it sit uncovered in the fridge thinking that the horrid taste is a gas that needs to evaporate. That helped but not much.

I had been dreaming of a heavy-duty survivalist water filter but at over $200, it would have to wait. But then I remembered this water filter. I got it today to see it would work. It did. the water tastes good. I've been drinking glasses of water since I got home! So, here's today's song.

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