Monday, August 20, 2012

Song of the Day: Monday

For the first time in my life I got sent home with an infectious disease: strep throat. I feel kind a crappy and am tired. Really tired. I just thought I'd overdone it. Truly possible since I either walk or bike to and from work. Rain or shine.

Lucky for me someone mentioned that strep is going around campus. And that campus has a Wellness Center. I popped in to make an appointment (all of the instant appointments were gone) and then popped in for my visit. Did a check in with the nurse who wasn't really a good listener; I had to repeat a few things for her because she either didn't write it down or because she assumed things that I did not say. Got checked out by the nurse practitioner who diagnosed me for the flu. But she did a throat swab just in case. It came back positive for Strep. Yea for me! Luckily the Wellness Center also has a pharmacy. I got my antibiotics and cough medicine. I went back to my office to get my stuff and be treated like a leper. I went home. And then made a quick trip to the grocery to get a few things to tide me over until the contagion is over. Approximately 24 hours after I start my antibiotics I will be disease free. So I go back to work on Wednesday at the earliest.

Through it all, this song by INXS has been in my head. Nice and calming.

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