Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Song of the Day: Wednesday

I am exhausted. Bone. Weary. Tired. And sick. Not in the way of the cold. More in the way of not wanting to put another bite in my mouth that isn't homemade. Or a salad. Or Fresh Fruit. Ugh! But, I am in South Bend spending the night at my friend Sulli's house. Tomorrow I move into my apartment. I cannot wait to close the door on the outside world and be home. I won't have my stuff until August, except for what I already brought or sent ahead. But, the place will be mine. The cable guy will arrive at 1. I'll make random runs to Walmart and the grocery store and the farmer's market to stock up. And then I will shut the door on the world and snuggle down for an eternity. In my new home. My new future. My destiny.

This song comes to mind when I think of home. It's been a while since this song has been in my head. I remember watching The Wiz when I was a kid. We were so fascinated with people singing and dancing on network tv who looked just like us. It didn't hurt that it had Diana Ross and MJ.

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