Thursday, July 26, 2012

Song of the Day: Thursday

I am home now. I have the keys and am in my new apartment. I was a little disappointed. There was dirt and cobwebs that the cleaners missed. One of my toilets didn't work at all. I have a window that won't open. So, I had to make a trip back to the leasing office to inform them of the problem. It has been rectified. Except for a window that won't open. Still. And there is this random smoke smell.

Because the movers have not come yet, I have singlehandedly driven up Walmart sales in one day. Three separate purchases, including an air mattress. I had to go back to WallyWorld to get something that I left on the cart from my first purchase. (Yeah, that kind of day.) I now have cable (I got a cheapo tv at Goodwill today until my real tv arrives), Internet (I always travel with my laptop) and phone (that's still on the truck!) But I am home!

I have discovered that I really miss driving. I got a rental when I arrived yesterday. It's been so nice to drive here and there whenever I want. I miss that freedom. What I really miss is listening to random radio. It's been forever since I've heard this song. Reminds me so much of this song, that I get queavish.  I think it's just JT that grosses me out, though. But the song is great for driving.

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