Friday, July 20, 2012

Song of the Day: Thursday

I am a lot late in posting Thursday's blog. I usually post right before bed. However, for Thursday, I have an excuse: I didn't go to bed. As I type I am tweaking on approximately 2 hours of sleep. I stayed up all night making sure things were ready for the movers who showed up at 8am!!! Everything is now packed and away. I even mailed a 64lb container and donated to Goodwill before I headed out to my friends' house to spend the night.

Anyway, the past few days as I've been packing, this song has been on my mind. It's the chorus and just Jack Johnson's lazy, kickback attitude. It's the chorus.

But, this song has also been on my mind. I love Hall&Oates lazy soul and blues. And this song reminds me of the end of the line for me. Thursday was my last day on campus!

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