Friday, July 13, 2012

Song of the Day: Friday

I had today off from work. I had an appointment with the oral surgeon this morning, followed by a last minute visit to the dentist to fit my dental appliance to my implant. After a couple of hours of lazing around, I began sorting, weeding, folding and rolling my clothes. All of my closets are empty of clothes. I have one duffel that is stuffed to the gills. And, I have a suitcase and another duffel that are waiting to receive the rest of my clothes. It's crazy how much it seems that I have nothing to wear, but I have too many clothes when it's time to pack.

Most of the time I don't want to pack; I'd rather be doing something--anything--else.  But then I have to remind myself why I am working so hard. Besides, the movers will be here on Friday!

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