Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Song of the Day: Wednesday

Today was a busy day. I got so much done. I think it finally occurred to me that I have much less than 30 days before my time is done. And, in that time I have two classes to teach. So, I needed to get on the stick and get the work done.

My presentation for tomorrow is pretty much finished. I have a couple of last minute edits before I print it out and teach. The one for July has been revamped a little. While I only want to teach research, I do want to give more substantive information to facilitate the learning. I'm pretty happy with the changes. I just have some updating to do an I should pretty much be done.

Anyway, I've been humming Justin Bieber in my head. A little sad since I am not some teenaged girl. But this song is rather catchy!

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