Thursday, June 7, 2012

Song of the Day: Thursday

It's almost 100% official. Just need paperwork to move things along. My friends wanted to include me in their get together to celebrate. Awkward!!! One guy decided that his response to me was that it was a big move. When I asked why he answered that he didn't know. For me some things just are and you don't make them bigger than they need to be or you get swallowed whole. Let's just say that interaction did not go over well.

And then there was my group of Italians who consistently asked two questions: "Did you tell your boss yet?" and "Are you happy?" The happiness question might have to do with the strength of their command of English. The other is a quirk of Italy in which a boss is not told until the last possible minute. I get it, but all of it is a little too weird a convo to be having starting at 10:00 at night since my Italian friends don't do anything earlier than that.

Anyway, as I headed home trying to process these encounters, and hoped that I wasn't too much of a b*tch tonight, this is the song that played in my head. I know it from "O Brother Where Art Thou" sung by the Statler Brothers. But, this version is nice.

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