Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

I'm finally back from SB. Had a great time and am sure I have an apartment. But, one little incident keeps niggling in my mind.

On Sunday I was hanging out with new friends. The flatmate of one showed up. He began to ask me questions about myself in the way that I hate--in which I feel like I am being interrogated. I abruptly interrupted him and told him that for everyone question he asked he had to answer a question. I was a little sharp when I did it, but he was also being a little rude.

When he left the room, his flatmate asked me why I'd done what I did. He thought it might be a southern thing. I indicated that it might be that or a little me. But I also pointed out that it's a little rude. If we are "getting to know each other", then WE should get to know each other rather than someone interrogating me.

I pointed out extreme examples of it where people interrogated me over meals and I never got to eat and they never told me anything about themselves. I indicated that because of how much it happens to me--it happens a lot--that I can see it coming and cut it off at the pass. And, I indicated again that that behavior is kind of rude. They seemed to understand and the guy said he would talk to his flatmate. But I left feeling like a not so nice girl. Which sucks since he was rude! Did no one but me pick up on the fact that he was being rude?!!

Anyway, this song by John Legend popped in my head. The only connection is the phrase "I Can Change." The context does not apply to this situation.

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