Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Song of the Day: Monday

Monday was a busy day, so I forgot to post. I am in South Bend looking for an apartment. I spent the day driving hither and thither trying to find a place. Calling and talking to people, touring apartments.

My choice was quickly narrowed down for me, though. One company that runs two different apartment complexes hasn't called me back; it's been more than a day since I called. They are off the list. Once place was small, dingy and hot. They are off the list.

That left me with two places that are equidistant from work. When I thought about that fact that for the price of a one bedroom apartment with washer and dryer in one complex, I could get a two bedroom, two bath apartment with washer and dryer in the other complex and still halve my current rent, the choice was clear. I still needed to talk to someone and have them confirm what I knew was true, though. But, I am almost in my apartment. The lease should be coming to me in a couple of days. Now I just need to organize the move.

Anyway, this hunt for apartments and my impending visit to see my family has me in a bit of a maudlin mood. This mood calls for the Dixie Chicks! I like this song.

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