Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

Tonight was the annual dinner for my professional association. The two most dangerous words of the whole night?: open bar. Moreso when I got comped to attend! Three Bogka drinks before we sat down to dinner. My preference is red wine.

I got chewed out by a Moldovan about speaking Russian! (minchia!!!)  Nothing I initiated but I still had to defuse the bomb. He came back and apologized, but still!! And all before the after party in Antarctica. Somehow I never got to buy any of the drinks put before me!

But, interestingly enough, I was told by the grandson of immigrants that he is more patriotic than me. Really?!! Seriously?!! I hope that was the alcohol talking since he doesn't know me. Thankfully he said patriotic--which could actually be true since I am still salty about being born the day AFTER Independence day--and not American. He was gracious, and smart, enough to concede that I was more American than he, even though there might have been some aspect of servitude to his ancestors stay in the Americas. My ancestors shed blood, sweat and tear to build this country, brought here against their will many, many generations ago, and made citizens without their consent. Glad to be an American, but you could at least ask!

Anyway, after that convo, this is the song that has been in my head. Not quite on target with the topic, but you get the picture!

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