Saturday, June 9, 2012

Song of the Day: Friday

So I forgot to post again. But there is a reason.

On Monday I got a really great offer. On Thursday I officially accepted although there was no doubt from the beginning that I would. On Friday I talked to my big boss (BB) and decided that it was okay for me to start telling people at work.

And, in the course of telling people, I found out that my BB, who suggested that I not tell anyone about the prospect until I had a tangible offer, had spilled the beans in a meeting. And didn't tell me. Didn't acknowledge the mistake. Possibly suggested that people pretend that they didn't know. So, as I made my rounds telling folks one of the persons let me know that he knew it was a possibility and when I pressed, indicated that it had been spilled in a meeting. But, he said that he respected me too much to pretend that he didn't already know of the probability. Because the BB let it slip in a meeting.

This begs the question of who else was in the meeting since these meetings usually entail more than two persons. I have a guess of at least one person who most likely was in the meeting who pretended not to know. And it also undercuts the stern lecture that the staff got a few weeks ago about the hurtfulness of gossiping. Because I know these people well enough to know that it almost definitely a full-on discussion that followed the slip of the tongue.

So last night I was a little bitter and having a carbo-fest with sangria to make myself feel better. Lucky me that all that I ate Friday night came off in the morning!

I can understand the need to share my potential news with the higher-ups for planning purposes.  But it would have been nice to have the BB come clean about the issue. I would have respected the BB more even if I was hurt by the breaking of a confidence that she encouraged. Mistakes are forgivable when confessed, even if "no one will ever know." But to pretend or cover up--especially after advising me to say nothing--is an issue that I will remember for a long, long time. I may never say anything. I, hopefully, will not behave differently.  But I will always know. And I will struggle with whether I can ever again trust you with my secrets.

Anyway, rather than go the route of torching this b*tch (and how does one do that on a blog?!!), I thought I'd instead select an Adele song about rumors. I love Adele. When one looks at her, her voice is so unexpected. And, after she is done singing, one doesn't expect such a strong Cockney accent. But I love it! And I love her!

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