Sunday, March 24, 2013

Song of the Day: Sunday

I've been moody today. I think I move through the day as if everything is fine when I know that I am not doing the best. There are these issues that bubble deep down inside that I should address, but I ignore them as much as I can.

I think the saddest thing was hanging out with my friend and her family. All of her children were home for the weekend and they were happy to see each other, even with all of their little quirks and the ways that their parents want some things different for them than what they have chosen. I don't really have that. And at dinner tonight, another friend brought over their 9 day old baby. And, I don't have that either.

These are the times when I think, maybe I shouldn't have broken up with that guy, then maybe I'd have someone. Or, maybe I shouldn't be so picky, then I'd be with one of those guys who was interested in me when I was growing up. These are ridiculous thoughts because who knows how well these relationships would have turned out. And, had I made those choices, would I be the person that I am now and have the friends and experiences that I currently have? Probably not.

Anyway, this song, seems appropriate for my moodiness.

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