Sunday, March 3, 2013

Song of the Day: Saturday

Yesterday I went for a walk and ran errands with my friend L. She is outspoken and rowdy like I like my friends. She took me to one of the best crack stores in town. It helps that my money goes to a good cause but I now have a philanthropic excuse for buying books that I don't need. I did well, though. I bought 6 books for just over $9 (I got a 10% educator discount). Not too shabby!

While out and about, I subjected L to the Wicked soundtrack. She and her husband are going to see it here on opening night. And, she doesn't like Kristin Chenoweth. Something about her speaking voice and the strange juxtaposition between her and Adele at the Oscars: Kristin is about 4'11' in stocking feet and Adele, who unshod is about 10'" taller and carrying post-pregnancy weight. I had to do my best to make her like the original Glinda. Didn't work and she'd heard the soundtrack before.

This is my favorite song on the soundtrack. Every time I hear it, I tear up. I think it touches something in me, this desire to move beyond the limits other people set for you, to exceed all expectations for yourself. The waterworks generally begin at "So if you care to find me...." And, it seems not to matter who is singing the words, although my preference is Idina Menzel.

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