Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Song of the Day: Wednesday

Today has been a long day. I began a battery of meetings from 9am to 5pm--most of them with me talking. Good times for the introvert! Compound my day of talking with the fact that I woke up with a headache. Could be that third of a bottle of wine that I drank last night or the fact that I got about 5 hours of sleep before running through the gauntlet. Overall I found the people surprisingly nice, generous and kind--not that I expected them to be mean so you know that they were beyond-beyond!

Anyway, through out the day, this is the song that played in my head as I wandered through the day and I felt myself slumping from fatigue. I found a video of a young Adele singing and playing "Daydreamer" on Jools Holland. Beautiful and refreshing.

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