Saturday, May 5, 2012

Song of the Day: Saturday

Today has been a bit of a mellow day. I slept in a little, but I also stayed up late reading. I went for a walk over the Madison Avenue Bridge into the Bronx and back.  I showered, ate lunch and leisurely got ready to go out. The plan was to shop for a suit that fits. No such luck. The stores that sell the styles that I like and would wear don't carry my size in-store! So, it was away to Lane Bryant which carries my size--sort of! Apparently I am on the small size for Lane Bryant. The size that I purchased is on the low end of what they sell and it's a little roomy. And, no jackets in my size unless I wanted to wear a cream colored cropped-sleeve jacket with my black pants. Or I could wear a size 22. What the hell is that?!? I have never been that big! So no jacket. Today's dilemma, then, is to decide whether I will wear two different shades of black or go all out and intentionally not wear the same colors: charcoal grey and black; or black and slate grey. I felt so much better when I began to think of coordination rather than matchy-matchy!

Anyway, because of the absolute mellowness of the day, this song has been in my head. I haven't heard of the band before or since this song.

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