Thursday, April 19, 2012

Song of the Day: Thursday

As much as is possible I avoid conflict. I don't like to argue or fight. When I lose my temper one of two thing will likely happen. I will either get mad and cry. Or, I will get mad and say things that have the potential to scorch the earth.

So, as much as possible I try to keep my cool. Instead, I will bite my tongue and walk away from a situation. Most times I never revisit an incident with the other party. However, if the problem is pernicious enough, I will organize my thoughts and approach the other party to get to resolution. That, of course, assumes that there is a somewhat equal relationship.

The other day I had a heated conversation with someone who wants me to think of him as my equal despite the fact that he occasionally likes to play whose the boss. It resolved itself with me getting mad and speaking my mind. Not my first choice of how to interact with this person. Usually my first response is to duck and nod and teleport myself somewhere else, if I could.

Anyway, when I mentioned to a friend something I said, she told me that I was so direct (like that is a negative thing). I left her office singing this song, not from the "love done wrong gets even" point of view but from the "enough is enough" perspective. Gotta love country girls getting feistier!

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