Sunday, April 29, 2012

Song of the Day: Sunday

I love Florence and the Machine. There is something about her voice, her phrasing, the theatricality of her singing that has made her one of my favorites since Lungs. When the new album, Ceremonials, came out. I wasn't so sure. It was new and different from the former. However this past week, I was reading one of my blogs and I changed my mind.

This blogger that I follow wrote about her experience traveling with a friend to an orphanage in a country in Zambia. She wrote about many things, including working and singing with the children there. She said there was music day and night because the kids loved music so much. She shared a video of these precious children singing and dancing to this song. They were so happy and carefree. The thought pricks my eyes with tears. Florence is now back in the playlist rotation!

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