Saturday, April 14, 2012

Song of the Day: Saturday

It has just recently occurred to me that the reason I am suffering from insomnia is that I am SO stressed. The tossing and turning kind of stressed. The kind of stressed that it seems an onerous chore to pull my shoulders our of my ears. Yeah, that kind of stressed.

Even though I am a "religious" person, I have a hard time "passing my burdens over to God." (I am a little queasy that I actually wrote that phrase!) I'm so used to having to do things for myself that even if God showed up today (and I wasn't burnt to a crisp for being a humongo sinner) and told he that he had everything under control, I'd have a hard time letting go. But, God is sneaky! He shuffles through my mental compendium of songs and sings to me. (Yes, I am strange!)

So, tonight on my train ride home, this song popped in my head through no fault of my own. I am familiar with Shawn Mullins and may have actually met him. Before he hit it big with this song, when we both were in Atlanta, he was a barristo at the local coffeehouse my friend owned. When this song blew up, it was the talk of the shop that he used to work there--especially after he filmed one of his music videos there. Needless to say, because he was a local, every damned radio station in Atlanta played this song until until love for this song turned to hate. It's the chorus that comforts me.

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