Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

Back in 2007 I spent a semester in Rome. It was nice to get out of the States and experience a new culture, travel and eat! One of the bonuses for me was the music.

By a stroke of luck I got access to a television and vegged out on MTV Italia. Nice and trashy, which is what one needs when vegging. My exposure gave me a sense of the fashions that were coming to the States the following year (MTV Italia was broadcast from Milan) and the music that I missed because US radio stations are so genre driven. Calvin Harris, a Scotsman, is one such discovery.

Harris is a DJ with a retro, 80s style. They music is highly synthesized. It took me a bit to get out of my US radio coma to appreciate Harris, but I really like him.

One interesting fact about him is that he is 6'5.5". There is a guy at my place of work who is about that height and comes in wearing Beats headphones. Whenever I see this guy, I start humming this song. It's kinda funny and ironic. I love it!

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