Sunday, March 25, 2012

Song of the Day: Sunday

Had I written this post about 4 hours ago you would have gotten this song by Sara Bareilles as my song of the day. I was tired but bouncy enough to be coherent. I spent the weekend with friends and had had a good time despite the fact that it cut into my alone time.

But I went to a party this evening with some of the same friends. I was tired. I knew I was tired, but I was trying to be sociable. Two hours was my limit. But I tried.  A friend asked me to do something for her and  when I began toward that she became obnoxious, even when I told her numerous times to stop. I kinda knew it would be a problem, but I was trying to be sweet and give the benefit of the doubt. GRRRRR!

So, instead you get the Cranberries. This was one of my moody songs in college and right after. Still works well!

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