Monday, March 26, 2012

Song of the Day: Monday

Today was painful. I didn't take much time this weekend to regenerate. And, when I finally tried to go to sleep (outside of a nap during the day) I couldn't get any real sleep. I kept waking up wondering why I wasn't falling asleep.

My personal mood was not for public consumption. Luckily most of my work required me to be in my office today. I did go out for a bit to get some fresh air, but what I really needed was to be home.

One thing that may have hindered my rest was the personal annoyance yesterday. Last night, while I tried to sleep, I had weird dreams and kept thinking of ways to react if the behavior continued: slapping, hitting, punching, arm twisting, hair pulling. Nasty stuff! I light of my violent fantasies, I provide a bit of Culture Club. When this song came out, I was still trying to determine whether Boy George really was a boy.

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