Friday, March 16, 2012

Song of the Day: Friday

Today Lady Z and I celebrated St. Paddy's day at what is to become my new local. It's on my way home from work and I "know" the bartender JFlo.

As good Catholic girls [*snort*], Lady Z and I had oysters, fries and beer in honor of our favorite Irish saint. Then we went to the bar where JFlo showered us with attention. We chose lots of fun, moody music and sang what words we could remember. Good times!

Anyway, we didn't get to play this song, but it's one of my favorites from those Irish boys! But, this one is always a favorite, too! I have yet to meet a song of theirs that doesn't worm its way into my heart. That's a good thing.

May the road rise to meet you on this St. Paddy's day!

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