Friday, March 30, 2012

Song of the Day: Friday

Last night I went to the Met with some friends. We saw Verdi's Macbeth. While I know the story of Macbeth I have never read it. And, I had never before heard the opera.

Macbeth wasn't horrible. But, I have this thing: I need to know the music to anything musical that I go to see. Otherwise I spend my time trying to understand words and what is going on. It was like that with me and Wicked. I knew nothing about it the first time I saw it; it was okay. I listened to the soundtrack and watched videos of different performances before I saw it a second time and I was in love! (Would have been better if I'd seen it with the original cast, but beggars, choosers, and all....)

So, despite not having the music ahead of time, I did find some things that I like and have a desire to listen to the recording even if I never get to see it again.

Anyway, this song comes to mind when thinking Verdi. Only it wasn't Aida.

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