Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

As much as I like to travel and visit friends, it's a stressful endeavor. Toward the end I am tired and cranky and just want to crawl into my bed to sleep for days on end. Getting home late and functioning on about 5 hours of sleep because you have to go in is no fun. Add to that the horror of scarring and discoloration from a routine medical treatment and the nurse's dismissive response to it all, and you will find me a whiny pissed off mess. Yes, it's true!

That was my Monday. And it rolled over into Tuesday as well. Luckily Switchfoot sings lullabies to me in my head. Unluckily, I already used my lullaby in a previous posting. So, here's another one of Switchfoot's calming songs.

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