Saturday, February 23, 2013

Song of the Day: Saturday

Today, I received a significant shock. I was running errands around town and listening to the radio. I had tuned in to a station that plays 80s music all weekend. To my surprise, they began to spin this Milli Vanilli song.

Anyone who grew up in the 80s or has watched any sort of retrospective on a music television channel know that the two men who claimed to be the lead singers of Milli Vanilli were actually just models who lipsynched and danced to the music. When the truth came out, their Grammy was revoked, the band was reviled and many of their fans considered a fraud suit to get back their money.

After the furor died down, I never really heard anything about or from Milli Vanilli except as the butt of a joke. So, imagine my surprise when an 80s station actually plays their music.

The music was good and catchy for its time. Pop had its heyday in the 80s. And Milli Vanilli (the band not the two faux frontmen) was really really good. They looked good, sang catchy tunes, and presented us with fashion and dance moves that are only questionable in this day and age.

Hearing Milli Vanilli again was wonderful, if surprising. After I got over the shock of hearing them again (I thought for sure all of their music had been burned and they'd been banned from radio), I realized how much I liked their music and how catchy and upbeat the songs were.

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