Sunday, September 23, 2012

Song of the Day: Sunday

After last night's game-day party, I came home thinking about vegetarianism/veganism again. I've flirted with it off and on for years. One of my new friends at the party is vegan; her entire family is almost completely vegan. She tells the story of driving her husband to the hospital while he was having a heart attack and worried about their sixth grader left at home. They were already pretty healthy eaters, but this converted them. Their teens are slowly converting.

She made a good point about healthy and healthy enough for your body. Despite the fact that I am physically healthy (to a point), I have a family history of heart disease with which to contend. She mentioned a movie, "Forks over Knives" that I should watch. It was eyeopening to say the least.

I've always thought of food having the ability to heal. But it was interesting to see people with "death sentences" who are alive many, many years after their doctors told them to prepare for death.

I'm interested in making the change now. I just have meat in my freezer, meat products in the fridge. I just bought it. I don't want to pitch it, even though the thought of it makes me queasy. So I have to find a way to use up what I have as I transition into this new diet lifestyle.

Anyway, this topic makes me think of this song.

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  1. If you do become vegan I wish you the best of luck because I heard it is very hard to do when you are first starting.