Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Song of the Day: Tuesday

This song has been in my head today. There are so many ironies about me posting it.

First, I don't really like rap music.  I know there is some assumption that as an African American woman, I like all Black music. Au contraire, mon frère! It is not so. I like all kinds of music! And, the folks who sing those kinds of music that I like, they don't all look alike. And they don't all look like me.

Second, I don't really like Hip Hop. My reasons? See the paragraph above!

Third, I knew the name of the artist, but I didn't really know the name of the song. So, the song is entitled, "My Life Be Like." I heard someone sing it a long time ago, over a decade. But, I'm sure she sang, "My Locks Be Like," as in hair. So, I, remembering the artist and what I thought was the title of the song. Luckily I found the right song.

And, finally, there is the fact that I really like this song that is HipHop/Rap and Christian.  Neither is my favorite genre. But, in general, if a music catches my ear, it doesn't matter its genre.

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