Saturday, August 24, 2013

Song of the Day: Friday

Today is one of those days that went from sugar to sh!t pretty fast. And, surprisingly, I handled myself well. I cried...a couple of times. But as sh!t was going down, I somehow had my wits about me. I asked intelligent questions, took notes, kept it together until I had my door closed and a sympathetic ear on the other end of the line. Not sure how I have other than the fact that I have been praying more.

I begin and end my day with prayer and drop it in once or twice in the middle of the day when I remember. Could that be what happened in my private hell on Friday? And, I know that things are going on to rattle my cage because I am trying to un-bollocks myself when it comes to relationships.

My general habit, when people hurt me, is to shut them out. It makes sense to stop the hurting. But, when I reviewed the days goings-on I recognized this as an opportunity to shut people out and I just brushed it away. Kinda cool!

Anyway, here's a song to Our Lady who watches over us.

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