Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Song of the Day: Tuesday

Today has been one of those long days that ended too soon. It's actually a carryover from Friday and Monday. I have a long list of things that at work (from FRIDAY) that I feel like I'll never actually get done. And there are the "little" things that pop up at work, people stuff, that I could bitch and moan about incessantly. Stuff that could really get me down. Luckily my "whatever" is working so it's not impacting me too, too much. Just annoying.

In honor my newfound duck-skill of letting things roll of my back, I have chosen this song. It started pinging in my head during a telephone call with my aunt as I recounted to her some of the crap that gets thrown my way. This is after last night's convo with another friend about other crap that I'm learning to slough off. Maybe I have thicker skin or something.

Anyway, Switchfoot.

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